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Outdoor Dinning Table


As a producer of artisanal limoncello, we are proud that our efforts are recognized. The reviews our limoncello has received are a testament to our commitment to our exceptional quality.

Daniel La Fico Guzzo

“Drank Villa di Massa for years, but to be honest, this is a higher level.  Bottle in stock as standard :)"

Rick Schulte

"Perfect to enjoy these last days of summer. Wonderfully refreshing and the personal, local touch is wonderfully reflected in the taste and concept. And oh yes, playing limoncello pong is also highly recommended!"

Hans Leene

“Wonderfully fresh limoncello that leaves you wanting more. 1 glass is not enough.”


"Wonderful to enjoy together on a summer evening!"

Paul Vermeulen

"Delicious Limoncello! You can taste the quality of the Amalfi lemons and the craftsmanship of the producers. Not too sweet and a nice amount of alcohol. Of course, it tastes best served iced or ice cold. Saluti!"


"The passion with which Wouter praises his old guys and explains how the product is ultimately created during the making is very nice to hear, and the limoncello also tastes very good, very nice! Good luck with this great result!"

Silvia Vermeulen

Delicious limoncello. Very elegant and a soft "round" aftertaste. If you close your eyes, you imagine yourself on a beautiful terrazza in Sicily or somewhere else in Italy. Delicious!! Tastes really "very Good" Guys :)

Anna Geer

Delicious limoncello and a nice soft taste that you can't get enough of and packaged in a beautiful bottle, definitely recommended!!!!

Theo Leene

Wonderful soft aftertaste, there is only 1 disadvantage; the bottle is always empty so quickly!

Lies Everards

What a treat, delicious taste, also great to give as a gift, we noticed

Anneloes Schulte

Wonderfully refreshing with some ice cubes on a warm summer evening. I have also used it to make ice cream and almond-limoncello cake. To enjoy!

Sean Leggat

Very tasty limoncello. Suitable for both the summer bar and an aperitif in winter.
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