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About us

Good Guys Limoncello is not only a great drink, but also a tribute to the beautiful city of Utrecht, where it all started. It is here where Wouter and Olaf discovered their passion for drinks and their love for Italian culture and traditions. Good Guys Limoncello is the embodiment of their entrepreneurship and their love for this city and its people. And just as the Dom Tower is the highlight of Utrecht, Good Guys Limoncello is the highlight of any occasion. In short, Good Guys Limoncello is not just a drink, it is an ode to the city of Utrecht and its inhabitants.


The Good Guys

Wouter Vermeulen
Olaf Schulte

Wouter Vermeulen

Wouter used his experience in putting together Italian wine and food combinations when starting Good Guys Limoncello. By combining the passion for Italian drinks and traditions with high-quality ingredients and the best production methods, Wouter and his partner produce a sensation for the taste buds. Good Guys Limoncello is the result of years of searching for the perfect balance between sweet and sour and is made with the greatest care and attention.

Olaf Schulte

Olaf is Wouter's partner at Good Guys Limoncello. He is the mastermind behind the recipes and loves to experiment with new flavors and ingredients. Olaf is like an alcoholic Willy Wonka, always looking for the perfect combination of sweet and sour. He is the only person who can make lemons cry with happiness. In short, Olaf is the limoncello magician who surprises the world with his creations!

Why Good Guys Limoncello

Why Good Guys Limoncello? Discover the tasty reasons behind our artisanal Italian liqueurs. Our limoncello is not only delicious, but also Utrecht, handmade, authentic and organic.

At Good Guys Limoncello we believe in the power of tradition, craftsmanship and quality. We are proud to bring the taste of Italy to the Netherlands with our artisanal limoncello. Whether you're a fan of this Italian liqueur or curious about what Good Guys has to offer, we invite you to discover the flavor and enjoy the delicious experience.

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