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Good Guys Limoncello aanbieden aan je klanten:
Een Frisse Smaak voor Horeca-Ondernemers

Als horeca-ondernemer is het van essentieel belang om je klanten iets speciaals te bieden. Een manier om dit te doen, is door Good Guys Limoncello aan te bieden. Deze verfrissende, ambachtelijke limoncello kan een onderscheidend element in je aanbod vormen.

Waarom Good Guys Limoncello?

Good Guys Limoncello is niet zomaar een limoncello. Het is een ambachtelijk product dat gemaakt wordt in De Meern door Wouter en Olaf:

  • Unieke Smaak: Good Guys Limoncello heeft een unieke en verfrissende smaak die je niet elders zult vinden.

  • Lokaal Product: Het wordt lokaal in De Meern geproduceerd, wat kan bijdragen aan het versterken van je band met de lokale gemeenschap.

  • Onderscheidend Vermogen: Het aanbieden van Good Guys Limoncello kan je onderscheiden van concurrenten en je aanbod verrijken.​

Proefpakket ontvangen?

Geef het woord aan je smaakpupillen en proef!

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Bespreek de mogelijkheden voor jouw Horeca-onderneming!

  • How is the taste of Good Guys Limoncello described?
    The taste of Good Guys Limoncello is often described as refreshing, lively and spicy. The lemon aromas dance on your tongue and provide an unmistakable explosion of summer joy. A real treat for your taste buds! 🌞🥂
  • What is Good Guys Limoncello and what makes it so special?
    Good Guys Limoncello is a delicious Italian lemon liqueur from Utrecht known for its refreshing taste and sunny character. What makes it really special is the careful selection of high-quality lemons and the traditional production process that ensures a unique and authentic taste experience. 🍋☀️
  • What is the story behind the Good Guys Limoncello brand?
    The story of Good Guys Limoncello started with a passion for taste and tradition. During a weekend with friends we were inspired by the beauty of Italy and the love for lemons. So we decided to create a drink that captures the joy of summer in every sip. A story of sunshine in a bottle! ☀️📖
  • Is Good Guys Limoncello suitable as a gift, and do you offer gift packaging?
    Definitely! Good Guys Limoncello is a perfect gift for any occasion. We offer beautiful gift packaging that elegantly presents the delicious contents. Contactcontact contact us so we can make something beautiful for you. A tasteful gift that is sure to impress! 🎁🍋
  • Are there any special cocktail recipes or mixing suggestions with Good Guys Limoncello?
    Absolutely! Try the "Zesty Sunshine Spritz": mix Good Guys Limoncello, sparkling water and a hint of mint over ice for a refreshing summer cocktail. Discover more deliciousrecipes and surprise your taste buds! 🍸🌞
  • What are those floating things in your delicious Limoncello?
    Good question, you spotted our little surprise! Those fresh, floating wonders are actually tiny bits of lemon peel floating in the oil. They add a burst of lemon aroma and a hint of extra lemon flavor to every sip of our artisan Limoncello. Shake briefly before use and feel free to appreciate the zest in your glass and let it take you to the sunny shores of Italy! 🍋🌞
  • Can you tell me the best way to serve Good Guys Limoncello?
    Of course! Good Guys Limoncello tastes best when served well chilled, straight from the freezer. Enjoy it neat, as a refreshing aperitif, or add it to your favorite cocktails for an extra citrusy twist. 🍹🧊
  • What ingredients are used to make Good Guys Limoncello?
    Good Guys Limoncello is made with the best ingredients: juicy organic lemons, pure alcohol, water and a touch of sweetness. It is the perfect balance between the fresh lemon flavor and a subtle sweet undertone. 🍋🍹
  • Where is Good Guys Limoncello produced and is it locally made?
    Good Guys Limoncello is produced with love and dedication in the heart of the Netherlands: De Meern in Utrecht. Each bottle contains a touch of Dutch craftsmanship, love for Italy and authentic taste. 🇮🇹🍋
  • How does Good Guys Limoncello differentiate itself from other brands on the market?
    Good Guys Limoncello is distinguished by its authentic Italian taste and high-quality ingredients. Our commitment to tradition and passion for quality make us unique. Every sip is a journey to the sun-drenched shores of Italy. ☀️🥇
  • Where can I buy Good Guys Limoncello for my catering business?
    Good Guys Limoncello is available via our webshop or contact contact Wouter or Olaf for more information.
  • Which cocktails can I make with Good Guys Limoncello?
    Popular cocktails are Limoncello Spritz, Limoncello Martini and Limoncello Collins. But be sure to check out our special Limoncello Cocktails page. p>
  • How can I convince my customers to try Good Guys Limoncello?
    Promote it as a unique and local product. Let your customers know they can experience something special by choosing Good Guys Limoncello.
  • What margin can I make on Good Guys Limoncello?
    Good Guys Limoncello uses the standard margins of liquor stores. As a liquor store, you earn more on a premium boutique limoncello such as Good Guys Limoncello than on a cheap limoncello.
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